Ways to survive stress in Pregnancy

Ways to survive stress in Pregnancy

Can stress during pregnancy harm my baby? Yes!

According to the best gynecologist, It is very common to feel stress, anxiety, and depression during pregnancy. All these are due to life changes, emotional ups and downs and worrying about baby’s health.

Extreme and prolonged stress can increase the risk of having a premature baby. However, you may experience mental problems due to emotional stress during pregnancy.

It is always important to maintain a healthy and stress-free life during pregnancy. Stress relief might be easier than you think. TEAM provides various ways to relieve stress while pregnant.

How to survive stress during pregnancy?

Here is a list of safe and better ways to manage stress during pregnancy.

1. Get time to rest

While pregnant, your body and mind quickly become exhausted if you don’t get enough rest or sleep.

Ways to survive stress during pregnancy-1 - rest more

This can lead to an increase in mood changes, emotional imbalance, and negative thoughts which in turn, can cause stress.

2. Talk out

Don’t concern that you may have a high-risk pregnancy. Talk to your midwife or doctor about your worries and get the reassurance of your baby’s well being.

Ways to survive stress during pregnancy-2-Discussing Worries

Discussing your worries makes you feel better and fearless.

3. Get the support you need

If you are a highly anxious person or feel overwhelmed by the stress, seek the help of a family member and cope with your stress.

Ways to survive stress during pregnancy-3-get together

Meet other women who are at the same stage of pregnancy as you, discuss your troubles and get the support you need to relieve stress.

4. Take a Yoga class

Yoga is a great way to relax, stretch muscles and relieve stress during pregnancy. Women practicing yoga while pregnant will have less pain and high level of comfort during labor and post-delivery. 

Ways to survive stress during pregnancy-4-yoga

In addition to yoga, add meditation to your daily routine which helps to relieve stress.

5. Prepare well for the childbirth.

Learn more about what happens during labor and post-delivery. By knowing the expectations and understanding all your options may help you feel more confident and stress-free. Talk to your midwife about what to expect, which sets out your preferences. 

Ways to survive stress during pregnancy-5-childbirth

Stop your fear of birth. Ask doctor provide to support to handle and stress during pregnancy.

6. Strategies of commuting

Most pregnant women keep working until just a few weeks before their delivery date. Commuting is the major source of stress during pregnancy, and it gets worse if you are heavily pregnant.

Ways to survive stress during pregnancy-6

Talk to your employer and avoid rush hours and make sure you always sit while traveling.

7.  Take Self-care

Self-care would cope with your pregnancy stress. Self-care involves changing your attitude towards yourself. Sit alone, talk to yourself, increase your confidence levels and throw away all your fears of giving birth.

Ways to survive stress during pregnancy-6

When you are pregnant, take care of your emotional well being to relieve stress.

Try these tips to relax and lead a stress-free life during pregnancy. Contact our specialists at TEAM, if you are suffering from severe stress, which includes weight loss and insomnia.

Reference: Pitnit/TeamHospital

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