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Pediatric Surgery

Pediatric Surgery

Children cannot communicate the problem that is bothering them. They cannot always answer medical questions and are not always able to be patient and helpful during a medical examination. Our best Pediatric surgeons know how to examine and treat children in a way that makes them relaxed and cooperative. In addition, pediatric surgeons use equipment and facilities specifically designed for children during pediatric surgery.

Our pediatric surgeons care for a range of surgical problems in children from the most simple and correctable diseases to major congenital anomalies requiring a lifetime of care and support.

  • Surgery for abnormalities of the groin in childhood and adolescence which include undescended testes, hernias, hydroceles and varicoceles
  • Surgical repair of birth defects
  • Serious injuries that require
  • Diagnosis and surgical care of tumors
  • Transplantation operations
  • Endoscopic procedures (bronchoscopy, esophagogastroduodenoscopy, colonoscopy)
  • All other surgical procedures for children

Our team of Pediatric Surgeons is fully trained surgeons with an expertise in dealing with children and treating surgical disorders.

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