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Painless Labour

Painless Labour

No matter how many deliveries you have been through, how loving your husband and family might be, and how strong you might be, the pain of labor does not get any less. Pregnancy pain is the most painful moment a women goes through in her life.

With the use of modern techniques, skilled practitioners can now turn your most painful experience into a painless experience – Painless Labour.

The technique of painless delivery called as Epidural Analgesia or Epidural Anesthesia is a popular technique used by women, if advised by the doctor, during labor. There is a constant rise in the number of painless deliveries over the past 2 years. It is estimated that out of every 25 deliveries, there are around 8-10 painless deliveries.

As the threshold to bear the labor pain has reduced, painless labor has become very popular among women. Epidural is not necessary for you to have delivery, but it can be beneficial in reducing the pain of labor. It is very safe for both the mother and baby.


  • Painless delivery
  • Quick delivery
  • Epidurals prevent damage that would otherwise occur to the pelvic muscles during a normal delivery.
  • Perfect resort in case of emergency and when the C-section is needed

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